A to Z: Going downtown, to the moon and more

Biloxi A to Z: The latest on Ground Zero and other downtown development, your preview to the Battle of the Bands and other weekend affairs, thumbs up to a waterfront project on Back Bay, and doing the Moonwalk with Fred Haise. But there’s more.
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News & notes: Parks, pools, and trees

St. Mary’s Park: Renovations are taking place at the Wiltshire Boulevard park. The swing sets have been removed and installation of a new playground is planned to take place later this month.

Pools: Beginning Wednesday, the Donal Snyder Center pool will be closed on Wednesdays until further notice. This is because of the lack of staff. However, the Natatorium will be open on Wednesdays.

Tree distribution: On Friday, Feb. 11, the Harrison County Soil & Water Conservation District will be doling out trees for $5 per household for Harrison County residents. Trees are first come, first serve and include Live Oak, Red Maple, American Holly, Blueberry bushes, Southern Magnolia, Pin Oak, Water Oak and Sycamore. Limitations apply. For details, email beth.daquilla@ms.nacdnet.net.