A look at development in Biloxi

No doubt you’ve seen the two big announcements – major expansions in the works at Margaritaville and Treasure Bay – and, as significant as they are, they’re just a fraction of development in Biloxi.

In fact, at the moment, Biloxi has $70 million in commercial and residential construction underway, outside of nearly $200 million in streets and drainage.

“As one new business begins construction or opens its doors, we work to make sure that we have other projects working their way through the process, either under review or ready to receive building permits,” said Biloxi Community Development Director Jerry Creel. “It’s important to keep things moving.”

Currently, two hotels, accounting for 238 rooms, are under construction on U.S. 90 and a third, for 66 rooms, has its building permit. In east Biloxi, the $3.3 million Salt Grass Steakhouse continues construction, while in west Biloxi, at Edgewater Mall, a new $7 million movie theater is being built, along with an indoor trampoline park inside the mall itself. And, of course, further west, plans are in the works for Funtime USA amusement park.

Downtown, amidst the rebuilding of Howard Avenue, Machado-Patano Engineering Services is continuing its remake of the former Merchiston Hall building, while Community Bank is designing its new downtown presence, where the former federal courthouse once stood. And soon a new Waffle House, elevated and unlike any of the other five in the city, will begin construction on U.S. 90 near Bellman.

“Several other significant projects, including a 218-unit assisted living facility at Cedar-Popp’s, are in the works as well,” Creel said.

“We also continue to experience significant growth in residential subdivisions,” Creel added. “There are 25 new subdivisions under some level of development or review. Right now, we have 132 homes under construction. Most are north of Interstate 10, but we’re also seeing new homes in the Cedar-Popp’s area, as well as along Beach Boulevard. All told, the construction accounts for 1,766 new family lots, which is encouraging.”


Biloxi development: A glimpse at the numbers

A total of $70 million in construction is underway at the moment in Biloxi, not including public works projects. That’s $42.3 million in commercial construction and $26.9 million in residential building.

Here are some of the major commercial projects currently under construction or with building permits in hand:


Hilton Garden Inn: $14.5 million

100 rooms, 648 Beach Blvd.


Watermark Hotel: $8.8 million

138 suites at former Santa Maria Del Mar, 674 Beach Blvd.


Edgewater Mall Premier Cinema: $7 million

Eight-screen movie theater


La Quinta Inn and Suites: $6.7 million

Permit issued for 66-room inn at U.S. 90 and Seal


Salt Grass Restaurant: $3.3 million

140 E. Beach Blvd., north of Golden Nugget


Indoor trampoline park: $2 million

Edgewater Mall


Machado/Patano Engineering Services: $2 million

Conversion of former Merchiston Hall, Howard Avenue


Waffle House: $1.2 million

618 Beach Blvd, near Bellman


In addition, 132 new homes are under construction in 21 subdivisions