18-wheeler becomes lodged at CSX crossing

The driver of an 18-wheeler this morning was cited for failure to obey traffic devices after his tractor-trailer became stuck on the tracks at the CSX rail crossing at Lameuse Street, where signs say buses, trucks or RVs are not allowed at the crossing.

The site is a block west of the Main Street crossing where a CSX freight train collided with a tour bus carrying 50 people, killing four and injuring dozens in March. 

The tractor-trailer, which was empty, had been carrying liquefied oxygen, according to Fire Chief Joe Boney.

“We were notified of the problem at the Lameuse crossing, and we notified CSX immediately so they could notify their train engineers,” Boney said. “This is our longstanding protocol. Why didn’t it happen at the Main Street crossing when the charter bus was struck? Because neither Police nor Fire were notified that there was a problem at the onset of the accident.”

The Gilich administration, meanwhile, briefed the City Council on the city’s long-term solution to the crossing issue during an executive session Tuesday evening.  The issue, especially in east Biloxi, is that over the years rail crossings have been raised to a degree that long-axle vehicles become stuck when trying to cross. After the Main Street tragedy, the city installed additional warning signs at crossings with an elevated grade.

Said Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich: “This is a life-safety issue, and we’re working on a solution. It’s going to take millions of dollars and cooperation from a host of parties, and that’s what we’re working on.

“In the meantime, we need drivers of commercial vehicles, whether it’s an 18-wheeler, bus or even an RV, to be aware of and obey our traffic signals and signs, whether it’s on Highway 90 or at a CSX crossing.”
See images from the early morning accident