17 file to run for elective offices in Biloxi

A total of 17 would-be candidates, including seven of the eight current officeholders, have filed their Statements of Intent to run for elective office in Biloxi.

Longtime Ward 7 Councilmember David Fayard is not seeking re-election, but today, on the last day to file paperwork, Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich picked up two opponents in the mayor’s race, and longtime Ward 1 Councilmember George Lawrence had an opponent file to run for office.

Three current officeholders – Dixie Newman of Ward 3, Paul Tisdale of Ward 5 and Kenny Glavan of Ward 6 – will not face opponents in the upcoming city elections.

The Democratic and Republican primary elections will be conducted May 3, and the general elections, when Democrats and Republicans appear on the same ballot, takes place on June 6.

The Democratic and Republican executive committees are expected to meet next week to review the paperwork of their respective candidates to ensure that they meet statutory requirements, which include residency and having never been convicted of bribery, perjury “or other infamous crime,” and never been convicted of a felony after Dec. 8, 1992.

Here is the list of those who filed completed Statements of Intent by the 5 p.m. deadline today:


Andrew “FoFo” Gilich (R)

Jess Kennedy (R)

Sugar Stallings (D)

Ward 1

William Kai Landry (R)

George W. Lawrence (D)

Ward 2

Charlie Clay III (D)

Felix O. Gines (D)

Tracey D. Smith (D)

Ronald Weeks (R)

Ward 3

Dixie Newman (R)

Ward 4

Robert L. Deming III (R)

Rodney McGilvary (R)

Nick Patano (R)

Ward 5

Paul A. Tisdale (R)

Ward 6

Kenny J. Glavan Sr. (R)

Ward 7

Nathan Barrett (R)

Johnny Fayard (R)
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