Saenger Theatre

170 Reynoir St., Biloxi, Miss.

Phone: 228-388-7170

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Closed for renovations and repairs. 


Located in the downtown district, the Saenger Theatre is a large historic theater and meeting place that is host to numerous performing arts, groups, and city events.

The Saenger Theater, a New Classical Revival architecture style building, was constructed in July 1928 and opened in January 1929 with 1500 seats, 1,020 on the main floor, and 480 in the balcony, a stage, and dressing rooms.  The theater was originally built to show “taking pictures” and was later used by large traveling shows and for vaudeville theater. The Saenger opened on Jan. 15, 1929, with a 2 p.m. showing of Paramount’s first all-talking movie, “Interference”.  

The Saenger Theatre was designed by Roy Benjamin, an architect, and cost $200,000 to build. 

In 1975, ABC Theatres, the successor of the Saenger Amusement Company, sold the theater for $10 to the City of Biloxi. 

The theater and community gathering place has since undergone several renovations.  It now has seating for 975.

Throughout the years, the Saenger has been host to vaudeville, concerts, movies, plays, operas, symphonies, dance recitals, beauty pageants, magic shows, and more. 

The Saenger Theatre may be rented for performances. Public meeting space and discount tickets are available for qualifying residents and organizations.

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