Here are photographs taken during the reception to unveil the commemorative poster for the 2008 Biloxi Seafood Festival.

The Biloxi Chamber unveiled the poster and presented winning artist Tonya Hebert during a reception on Aug. 13 at Negrotto’s Gallery in west Biloxi. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc08377_small.jpg dsc08378_small.jpg dsc08379_small.jpg dsc08380_small.jpg
dsc08381_small.jpg dsc08382_small.jpg dsc08383_small.jpg dsc08384_small.jpg
dsc08385_small.jpg dsc08386_small.jpg dsc08387_small.jpg dsc08388_small.jpg
dsc08389_small.jpg dsc08390_small.jpg dsc08391_small.jpg dsc08392_small.jpg
dsc08393_small.jpg dsc08394_small.jpg dsc08395_small.jpg dsc08396_small.jpg
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