Here are photographs from the Oct. 30, 2009 dedication of the Rue Magnolia fountain site. Employees of Beau Rivage Resort & Casino recently volunteered time and company equipment, and installed donated landscaping to restore the south end of the Rue Magnolia walkway on Beach Boulevard. The employees planted flowers and small trees and repaired two fountains at the site, which serves as a pedestrian entrance into the Vieux Marche. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc03368_small.jpg dsc03369_small.jpg dsc03370_small.jpg dsc03371_small.jpg dsc03373_small.jpg dsc03374_small.jpg
dsc03375_small.jpg dsc03380_small.jpg dsc03382_small.jpg dsc03383_small.jpg dsc03384_small.jpg dsc03385_small.jpg
dsc03386_small.jpg dsc03387_small.jpg dsc03389_small.jpg dsc03390_small.jpg dsc03392_small.jpg dsc03393_small.jpg
dsc03394_small.jpg dsc03395_small.jpg dsc03396_small.jpg dsc03398_small.jpg dsc03401_small.jpg dsc03402_small.jpg
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