Here are scenes from the filming of footage for the exhibits that will be showcased in the new visitors center now under construction north of the Biloxi Lighthouse. The nine-person crew has filmed at Beauvoir, the Magnolia Hotel, St. Michael Catholic Church, at area golf courses and restaurants, and along the waterfront. Footage is being shot for use in nine exhibits and a eight-minute film that will be part of the visitors center experience. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc07232_small.jpg dsc07234_small.jpg dsc07235_small.jpg dsc07236_small.jpg dsc07237_small.jpg dsc07238_small.jpg
dsc07239_small.jpg dsc07240_small.jpg dsc07241_small.jpg dsc07243_small.jpg dsc07245_small.jpg dsc07246_small.jpg
dsc07247_small.jpg dsc07251_small.jpg dsc07252_small.jpg dsc07253_small.jpg dsc07254_small.jpg dsc07255_small.jpg
dsc07256_small.jpg dsc07257_small.jpg dsc07258_small.jpg dsc07259_small.jpg dsc07260_small.jpg dsc07261_small.jpg
dsc07262_small.jpg dsc07263_small.jpg dsc07264_small.jpg dsc07265_small.jpg dsc07266_small.jpg dsc07267_small.jpg
dsc07268_small.jpg dsc07269_small.jpg dsc07270_small.jpg dsc07271_small.jpg dsc07272_small.jpg dsc07273_small.jpg

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