Here are photographs from the refurbishment work that began today at the Katrna memorial on the Town Green. Workers are sandblasting names of Katrna victims from Biloxi and the surrounding area on the wall and will make other improvements at the site. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc06852_small.jpg dsc06853_small.jpg dsc06854_small.jpg dsc06855_small.jpg dsc06856_small.jpg
dsc06857_small.jpg dsc06858_small.jpg dsc06860_small.jpg dsc06861_small.jpg dsc06862_small.jpg
dsc06863_small.jpg dsc06864_small.jpg dsc06865_small.jpg dsc06866_small.jpg dsc06867_small.jpg
dsc06868_small.jpg dsc06869_small.jpg dsc06870_small.jpg dsc06871_small.jpg dsc06872_small.jpg
dsc06873_small.jpg dsc06874_small.jpg dsc06875_small.jpg dsc06876_small.jpg dsc06877_small.jpg

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