Here are images of the statue of the French explorer Pierre LeMoyne Sieur D'Iberville, from the evening before Katrina making landfall, through days after the storm, and until today, as a construction crew prepares the Visitors Center site for the return of the work of art. Photos by Vincent Creel. Click on individual images to enlarge.

a1statueaug282005_small.jpg a2dsc01060_small.jpg a3dsc03085_small.jpg img_0605_small.jpg img_0606_small.jpg
img_0607_small.jpg img_0608_small.jpg img_0610_small.jpg img_0611_small.jpg img_0612_small.jpg
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img_0621_small.jpg img_0622_small.jpg img_0641_small.jpg img_0643_small.jpg img_0644_small.jpg
img_0648_small.jpg img_0650_small.jpg img_0651_small.jpg img_0653_small.jpg img_0655_small.jpg
img_0656_small.jpg img_0657_small.jpg img_0658_small.jpg z1siteplan_small.jpg z2statue1_small.jpg

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