Here are photographs of blue lines that the city's Public Works Department has painted on more than 70 utility poles in various areas of the city. The K-lines -- originally painted in 2007 and expanded in 2010 -- show the highwater marks of the Katrina storm surge.Click on individual images to enlarge. Photos created June 2010. To see the complete list of K-line locations, enter "highwater marks" in the search engine at

dsc05815_small.jpg dsc05816_small.jpg dsc05817_small.jpg dsc05822_small.jpg
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dsc05827_small.jpg dsc05828_small.jpg dsc05832_small.jpg dsc05834_small.jpg
dsc05835_small.jpg dsc05836_small.jpg dsc05838_small.jpg dsc05839_small.jpg
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