Here are photographs of work to restore the USS Biloxi mast and other markers at Guice Park, near the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor, on June 11, 2010. Click on individual images to enlarge. For more info, visit and type USS Biloxi in the search engine.

dsc05785_small.jpg dsc05787_small.jpg dsc05788_small.jpg dsc05789_small.jpg dsc05790_small.jpg
dsc05791_small.jpg dsc05792_small.jpg dsc05793_small.jpg dsc05794_small.jpg dsc05795_small.jpg
dsc05796_small.jpg dsc05797_small.jpg dsc05798_small.jpg dsc05799_small.jpg dsc05800_small.jpg
dsc05801_small.jpg dsc05802_small.jpg dsc05803_small.jpg dsc05804_small.jpg dsc05805_small.jpg
dsc05806_small.jpg dsc05807_small.jpg dsc05808_small.jpg dsc05809_small.jpg dsc05810_small.jpg
dsc05811_small.jpg dsc05812_small.jpg dsc05813_small.jpg dsc05814_small.jpg

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