Here are images from this morning's Breakfast with the Mayor presentation, held at IP Casino Resort Spa. Mayor A.J. Holloway gave a brief update on city projects, and announced that the Point Cadet Fishing Bridge would open to the public in mid-April. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc02442_small.jpg dsc02443_small.jpg dsc02444_small.jpg dsc02445_small.jpg dsc02446_small.jpg dsc02447_small.jpg
dsc02448_small.jpg dsc02451_small.jpg dsc02452_small.jpg dsc02453_small.jpg dsc02454_small.jpg dsc02455_small.jpg
dsc02457_small.jpg dsc02458_small.jpg dsc02459_small.jpg dsc02460_small.jpg dsc02462_small.jpg dsc02464_small.jpg
dsc02465_small.jpg dsc02467_small.jpg dsc02468_small.jpg dsc02469_small.jpg dsc02470_small.jpg dsc02471_small.jpg
dsc02472_small.jpg dsc02473_small.jpg dsc02474_small.jpg dsc02475_small.jpg dsc02476_small.jpg dsc02477_small.jpg
dsc02478_small.jpg dsc02480_small.jpg dsc02482_small.jpg

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