Here are the winners of the 2010 Shoe Box Float Contest, who were recognized at the Biloxi City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010. The contest is sponsored by Biloxi Public Schools, Gulf Coast Carnival Association, the Mardi Gras Museum, the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce, Susan Hunt and Martha Tripp. Click on individual images to enlarge. See names of winners at

img_0012_small.jpg img_0014_small.jpg img_0015_small.jpg img_0019_small.jpg img_0020_small.jpg img_0021_small.jpg
img_0022_small.jpg img_0023_small.jpg img_0024_small.jpg img_0025_small.jpg img_0026_small.jpg img_0027_small.jpg
img_0028_small.jpg img_0029_small.jpg img_0030_small.jpg img_0031_small.jpg img_0032_small.jpg img_0034_small.jpg
img_0035_small.jpg img_0036_small.jpg img_0037_small.jpg img_0038_small.jpg img_0039_small.jpg img_0040_small.jpg
img_0041_small.jpg img_0042_small.jpg img_0043_small.jpg img_0044_small.jpg img_0045_small.jpg img_0046_small.jpg
img_0047_small.jpg img_0048_small.jpg img_0049_small.jpg img_0050_small.jpg img_0051_small.jpg img_0052_small.jpg
img_0053_small.jpg img_0054_small.jpg

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