Here are images from the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. The meeting included an invocation by Father Greg Barras of St. Michael Catholic Church, presentration of city employee longevity awards, recognition of winners of the Mardi Gras shoe box float contest, and a report from Marvin G. Dalla Rosa, the project manager for HNTB, the firm the city hired to coordinate the massive infrastructure program. Representatives of VFW Post 2434 also spoke about plans for their new post home on Veterans Avenue. Also in this gallery are the winning entries from the shoe box float contest. The entries are on display in the lobby of City Hall. Photos by Vincent Creel. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc09490_small.jpg dsc09493_small.jpg dsc09495_small.jpg dsc09496_small.jpg dsc09497_small.jpg dsc09498_small.jpg
dsc09499_small.jpg dsc09502_small.jpg dsc09504_small.jpg dsc09505_small.jpg dsc09507_small.jpg dsc09508_small.jpg
dsc09509_small.jpg dsc09511_small.jpg dsc09512_small.jpg dsc09513_small.jpg dsc09514_small.jpg dsc09515_small.jpg
dsc09518_small.jpg dsc09519_small.jpg dsc09522_small.jpg dsc09523_small.jpg dsc09526_small.jpg dsc09533_small.jpg
dsc09535_small.jpg dsc09539_small.jpg dsc09540_small.jpg dsc09542_small.jpg dsc09543_small.jpg dsc09544_small.jpg
dsc09545_small.jpg dsc09546_small.jpg dsc09547_small.jpg dsc09548_small.jpg dsc09549_small.jpg dsc09550_small.jpg
dsc09551_small.jpg dsc09552_small.jpg dsc09553_small.jpg dsc09554_small.jpg dsc09555_small.jpg dsc09556_small.jpg
dsc09557_small.jpg dsc09558_small.jpg dsc09559_small.jpg dsc09560_small.jpg dsc09561_small.jpg dsc09562_small.jpg
dsc09563_small.jpg dsc09564_small.jpg dsc09565_small.jpg dsc09566_small.jpg dsc09567_small.jpg dsc09568_small.jpg

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