Here are images from the City Council meeting conducted on the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. The meeting included an invocation by the Rev. Dennis Carver; a proclamation honoring Christmas at Beauvoir organizer Andi Rushton Oustalet; reports from Biloxi Police Chief John Miller and Biloxi Public Schools Police Chief Paul Cannette; comments from citizens and Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco; and comments by City Engineer Damon Torricelli and consultant Grace Aaron.

Click on individual images to enlarge. Photos by Vincent Creel.

dsc02954_small.jpg dsc02955_small.jpg dsc02957_small.jpg dsc02960_small.jpg dsc02961_small.jpg dsc02962_small.jpg dsc02963_small.jpg
dsc02966_small.jpg dsc02968_small.jpg dsc02971_small.jpg dsc02975_small.jpg dsc02975a_small.jpg dsc02980_small.jpg dsc02983_small.jpg
dsc02985_small.jpg dsc02989_small.jpg dsc03002_small.jpg dsc03007_small.jpg dsc03009_small.jpg dsc03013_small.jpg dsc03018_small.jpg
dsc03023_small.jpg dsc03026_small.jpg dsc03027_small.jpg dsc03028_small.jpg dsc03031_small.jpg dsc03032_small.jpg dsc03034_small.jpg
dsc03035_small.jpg dsc03037_small.jpg dsc03041_small.jpg dsc03050_small.jpg dsc03053_small.jpg dsc03056_small.jpg dsc03060_small.jpg
dsc03062_small.jpg dsc03072_small.jpg dsc03077_small.jpg dsc03082_small.jpg dsc03083_small.jpg dsc03086_small.jpg dsc03090_small.jpg
dsc03094_small.jpg dsc03099_small.jpg dsc03106_small.jpg dsc03107_small.jpg

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