Here are photographs from the first-day-of-issue ceremony to mark the Gulf Coast Lighthouses series of stamps unveiled by the U.S. Postal Service. The ceremony was held on the waterfront, south of the Biloxi Lighthouse, and was attended by U.S. Postal Service leaders and a couple hundred visitors and residents. In fact, people were still in line to buy the commemorative and cancelled stamps four hours after the ceremony. Click on individual photos to enlarge.

dsc02356_small.jpg dsc02357_small.jpg dsc02358_small.jpg dsc02359_small.jpg dsc02361_small.jpg dsc02362_small.jpg dsc02363_small.jpg
dsc02364_small.jpg dsc02365_small.jpg dsc02366_small.jpg dsc02367_small.jpg dsc02368_small.jpg dsc02370_small.jpg dsc02371_small.jpg
dsc02372_small.jpg dsc02373_small.jpg dsc02374_small.jpg dsc02375_small.jpg dsc02376_small.jpg dsc02377_small.jpg dsc02378_small.jpg
dsc02389_small.jpg dsc02390_small.jpg dsc02391_small.jpg dsc02392_small.jpg dsc02393_small.jpg dsc02394_small.jpg dsc02395_small.jpg
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